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[headline_arial_medium_left color=”#000000″]Better Treatment in Restaurants, Banks, and Grocery Stores[/headline_arial_medium_left]

In another blog post, we’ll talk about getting closer to the top, when you court your favorite establishment. For now, let’s start with the little guy or gal … the lower-level employee.

croissants-74288_640You see, in order to get better service, whether it be in a bank, at a restaurant, or in a supermarket, you have to have someone there to afford you the first-class treatment. This is obvious, right?

Well, one technique for securing a little red-carpet respect, now and then, is to get to know people who work at the establishment. Here are a set of steps designed to get you the treatment you desire:

1. Choose the right establishments — You don’t need everyone to roll out the red carpet for you. For example, having all the workers fawn over you at McDonald’s might not be the best use of your establishment-courting plan. Save it for, well, something better. Pick the bank that you frequent most often, or the sports bar, where you have a weekly gourmet burger.

2. In the next few weeks or months, try to deal with as many different clerks or employees as possible. Save the manager or owner for later — we’ll have a special post on the subject. Your goal for now is to get to know everyone.

3. Choose your favorites — for example, at the supermarket where we do our weekly shop, we have six favorite checkers, two that we can’t stand, and everyone else is labeled as “neutral.”

4. As soon as you have identified the ones you like, make it a point to frequent their check-stand or teller window, if it’s a bank. Even if another line is open, wait a little longer for one of your favorites.

5. Make your conversation just a bit more personal, after the fourth or fifth visit. Always make it appropriate — don’t send the wrong vibe — no creepy stalking behavior. Just be friendly.

6. At some point in the “relationship,” introduce someone to one of your special tellers or checkers, by name. When your daughter, wife, or husband is with you, introduce your checker to the family member … as one of your favorite tellers. Do the same if you see a friend while you’re at the teller’s window.

7. Continue the customer – employee relationship.

doughnut-72944_640You will reap benefits. For example:

My favorite bank saves half dollars for me. Most banks don’t offer them anymore, but my little branch swaps me bills for five dollars’ worth any time I come in.

We never show i.d. when writing checks at the supermarket, and this includes writing them for over the amount, for some extra cash in the pocket.

We often get an extra fillet thrown on our fish and chips at the fish market … and when we order the calamari appetizer, often ours seems heavy, if you know what I mean. Yum.

At the place we buy DVDs, the employees often offer us new arrivals before they are put out on the floor. (BTW — we send the owner and the employees greeting cards for the holidays, and have been known to gift them a new release book from our publishing company.)

The list goes on … from our travel agent filling our cabin on the cruise ship with baskets of food and drink each time we travel, to our favorite breakfast spot customizing our order automatically. (No matter what we order, they know to eliminate certain meats and replace them with our favorite, instead. No extra charge.)

So, which local businesses are you  going to zero-in on, to get special service?



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