Red Carpet Articles

Determination: A Tale of Trying to Do Something Nice for Someone Famous. Read about our encounter at a Jason Mraz concert.

Having the right pocket knife, especially when traveling, can make all the difference. Not all Swiss Army Knives are the same, by any means. This time, quality does make a difference. Read this Swiss Army Knife Review.

Can Peanut Butter, a food of the masses, really be considered First Class. Is there such a thing as a peanut-butter connoisseur? Find out the nitty-gritty, (but hopefully not too gritty) on quality peanut butters versus crap that you shouldn’t be putting into your body.

Sometimes, the littlest of habits can make you appear low class. You can argue this one all you want, but Hollywood will disagree. Low-Class Habit

Even magicians want to be classier … at times. If you’re a magician, and want to put a little polish on your personality and performance, then read the Classy Magician article.