What does Jason Mraz have to do with Wrist Locks and Keith Pascal?

by Keith Pascal

And what does all this have to do with First-Class, Red-Carpet Treatment?

Well, actually, I have never met the talented musician. Still, here’s a tale worth reading. It shows you how sometimes the pursuit of being a classy guy (or gal) is harder than it would seem.

This is the story of how we tried to do something nice for someone famous:

It all happened at the end of March (2014). Jason Mraz was going to play the Hult Center for the Performing Arts. My wife and daughter had been fans for years, but I only started listening to him in the middle of 2011.

Jason has this song titled Dynamo of Volition. In the song, he mentions magicians and wrist locks. Coincidence of coincidences … I’m a magician who happened to be the author of the book, Wrist Locks.

My wife and daughter wanted me to autograph a copy of my book to gift him. It would make a nice memento of his time in Eugene, Oregon.

The Hult Center staff were not helpful in figuring out a way to get him this small gift of a book. We didn’t ask to meet him, just get him the gift. That’s all.

The “ask me” information woman circulating said that the Will Call would definitely NOT be able to help. The ushers were no luck either.

Note: Unfortunately, the best man from my wedding doesn’t work there any more. He would’ve easily found a way to get a book to a performer. Easily.

My wife saw someone from the Mraz crew at the sound mixing board. Hey … we were sitting right behind it. She asked him for help. No luck.

Could it be this hard to get a token gift to such a talented musician? (People in the worlds of magic and martial arts find me all the time, and I’m what I would call a “lesser known” in both genres.)

In the middle of the concert, our daughter saw an opportunity. She grabbed her camera and the copy of the book. Our shy fifteen-year old confidently walked down the aisle, planted herself at the stage, and patiently waited.


At just the perfect time in his anecdote, she reached up and handed Jason the book.

He sounded grateful as he said, “wrist locks” into the microphone.

So, did we meet Jason Mraz after the concert?

Hardly …

Towards the end of the show, I suddenly felt awful. I got up to splash some water on my face in the restroom. I made it to the back of the hall, and … BAM, the next thing I knew, they were getting me an ambulance.


The worst case of the flu I have ever had … but a truly memorable, acoustic evening with Jason Mraz … and wrist locks!

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