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Every once in a while, you uncover a gem on

Jazza (a.k.a. Josiah Brooks) is better than a diamond in the rough. His video tutorials and demonstrations on art and animation have  many facets … just like a jewel mixed with gold in a pirate’s treasure chest.

If you want your art to approach being first class, then check out Jazza’s videos.

The vid below satisfies my need to share his Youtube channel with you AND pay a nod to one of my favorite comedians of all time, Robin Williams. This speed painting only takes a couple of minutes … and it shows off a few of the master comedian’s better acting roles … and of course, it gives you just a glimpse of what Jazza can do.

Take a look at the Jazza Speedpainting …

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Okay, maybe in your ideal, first-class life, you have someone else folding all of your laundry, including your shirts. Until that time, or for the rest of us, here’s the classiest (and fastest) way to fold a shirt.

There are other Youtube video covering the same technique, but they bored us to tears. We found this quick video that explains the method in a fraction of the time … and you don’t need sound. We don’t speak Japanese; in fact, that’s why we chose it:

A Few More Fun Videos…

Amazing Pen Flourishes
In the past, I always thought that the Asian pen videos were absolutely the best in the category of finger flourishing. Well, recently, I have come to appreciate the European pen-spinning efforts.

Here’s a particularly fun flourish video. Take a look and be impressed:

Want to make an inexpensive gift for your loved one?

Of all the origami with bills, this is my favorite for a romantic gift. I like it even more than the dollar-bill ring!

It’s a romantic heart with a bouquet on the front … all from one dollar! (Warning: Don’t simply look for origami heart dollar on! There are lots of variations … this is the dollar bill origami that’s truly first class!)

Oh, and nothing says you have to use a one-dollar bill. Make it a more expensive gift, if you feel so inclined.

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