The Classy Magician vs. Uncle Dick In His Ruffled-Yellow Tux Shirt

bad-magicianOkay, he’s not your uncle, but he probably is somebody’s. And this poor schmo has been hired to perform magic. Have you ever seen these classless wonders blunder their way through a trick?

You find the experience anything but entertaining. (Know what I mean?)

At the other end of the magic spectrum, you have magicians who exemplify the concept of classy performer. These magicians are few and far between.classy-magician

The other, dirty-ruffled-shirt, sorry excuse for a prestidigitator can be found in abundance. Have you noticed?

Well, one of our goals has been to help magicians shed their awkward image, stop performing cereal-box magic tricks (most of the time), and definitely to tighten and tweak their minor miracles into something more amazing … more entertaining.

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