Best Peanut Butter

The best peanut butter, hands down … is the jar with the most peanuts in it. This makes sense, right?

peanuts-1112_640So, we can instantly eliminate Jiff and Skippy. And Peter Pan Peanut Butter can fly into the garbage, as well. These peanut butters are loaded with hydrogenated oils and sugar.

Note: Every once in awhile, I like one of those normally-considered-disgusting brands of brown paste. It’s like succumbing to a fast-food-hamburger  craving, when you normally eat gourmet burgers from sports bars. From time to time, even those hockey pucks have appeal. So, once every year or two, we buy a jar of the impure stuff.

Which Brand of Peanut Butter Is The Best?

Yes, there is a national brand of peanut butter that packs their jars with peanuts and a bit of salt … AND NOTHING ELSE!

Still, you don’t have to rely on brands. Simply avoid the oils and the sugars, and you’ll do fine. In other words, buy peanutty goodness that only contains peanuts and salt.

Do you still want to know the best big-named brand of peanut butter?

It’s Adams.


Now, how’s that for some first-class information?

And to some of us, peanut butter is a necessity in this world.