Assertive Minimal Hosting

cracker-appetizerHere’s a quick tip to offer others first-class treatment when they come into your home. After all, coming across as a classy individual goes a long way toward getting you better treatment in the future. When it comes to etiquette and hosting, what goes around does really come around.

When You Don’t Have a Choice, Don’t Offer One

It’s as simple as that. Let’s say a guest comes to your house; it’s proper to offer a snack or beverage, if they’ll be staying more than 20 minutes (IMHO). Are you wondering what to serve? What do you have on hand?

I know many people who try to stock a fridge with every soda pop under the sun, a variety of juices, bottled water, chocolate milk, and more. If you don’t have a fully stocked refrigerator, don’t worry about it.

Many times, a guest has come to my home, and I have put out a pitcher of ice water with slices of fresh lemon or lime plopped in. The key is in the presentation. Always. Do you have hand-formed, ceramic, wine glasses? How about actual crystal ware? And do you have a fancy pitcher for the ice water?

Even the tray for the water and glasses can project a specific image. And image does go a long way.

Be assertive; put out one offering. Make it seem like not giving a choice is the most natural behavior in the world … because it is. Plan the presentation, whether it be crackers with something on top, a pitcher of water, or …

chocolate-biscuits-56996_640The next time you have a guest, take a look at the snack drawer. Grab those store bought cookies (homemade is better), a fancy plate, and a cloth napkin, and arrange the napkin on the plate and the cookies on the napkin. Or for more contrast, put the napkin down first, then the plate, and finally the cookies. Experiment.

Then pour some milk in fancy glasses, and you’re ready to present yourself as a great host.

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