There is so much involved to leading the life that you crave. You have to live and act with intent to create the lifestyle of your dreams. In fact, even if your ultimate goal is to live in a manner that is free of intentional, goal-driven acts, you still need to take steps to secure this kind of freedom, wouldn’t you agree?

The editors of have created a site that meets two goals, to provide you with the information to define and begin to live a life that feels “first class to you,” and to give you an edge in a wide variety of areas … everything from choosing the best peanut butter to learning the best wrist locks for self-defense. (No kidding.)

In some areas of this red-carpet website, you’ll discover tips for making your apartment, house, or room into the living quarters of your dreams. You’ll also learn tips for choosing the best cruise experience, receiving first-class treatment at your local restaurants, and even deciding when it’s not worth it to pay for a some promoted luxury. In other areas of, you’ll read some strong opinions and learn some useful tips. For example, in the free video section, you’ll find a great dollar-bill origami gift. Just grab a crisp monetary bill and start folding.

You’ll also find great preview ebooklets that offer quality “how-to” information.

Here’s a Site Map to guide you through this site. Enjoy!

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First-Class Information Blog — Opinions, opinions! This is where the editors rip on, and criticize, the stupids in our society. Face it — some things in life are just plane dumb! Don’t worry — you’ll always get a first-class solution to any problem. And some posts are just down-right entertaining, with no bashing whatsoever.

How-To eBooks — The Dream Wizard is the current flagship ebook for the site. You’ll also find information on the parable Tiptoeing to Tranquility.

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  • Free Cool Videos — Either a good tip, a how-to, a fun clip, or a preview of a new ebook (Check out past videos, too!)
  • Free Downloads — Hand chosen, almost always in PDF format (do you have a different preference?)
  • Free Articles & Blog Posts — Get Red-Carpet Treatment, Live a First-Class Lifestyle, and Get the Edge

First-Class Reviews  — Red-Carpet Reviews are definitely biased, no doubt about it … but in a good way. Sometimes, the editors went through the process of product comparisons, but other times, they quit when they found “perfection.” Do you agree with these recommendations?

Lifestyle  — Think about the life you want to live. Here’s the resource for shaping the way you move through life. Some would call this lifestyle section the art of living the life … in style.

Easy-Going Lifestyle  — You can’t enjoy your life if you’re always tense and uptight. You need to learn to relax; life doesn’t have to be an swim upstream, against the current. Watch as this section grows with more tips and recommendations.

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs — You need to make money to be able to live the life of your dreams, agreed? And you need some free time, too! Start with Dream Wizard #1 … yes, more volumes are on the way. Oh, we’ll also give you some honest recommendations, to help you wade through the piles of junk programs all over the Net.

Secret Bonus — If you own The Dream Wizard, then take advantage of this FREE ebonus. Living Large Your Way will help you further define exactly what the ultimate lifestyle means to you and how to start living it. Again, it’s our gift to Dream Wizard customers.

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