Ugly Gum Chewing

Hey, I didn’t make the rules of etiquette, and I’m no giant influencer of class perception. So, don’t blame the messenger.


With that said, let’s pull back the curtain and just say it — Gum Chewing Looks Very Low-Class. Some show a gaping mouth as they chomp. Others talk while masticating, which is akin to talking while chewing and swallowing food at the table. To see someone’s mouth filled with partially chewed, unrecognizable mush as they speak distracts you from the communication. It looks gross.


Well, to a lesser extent, chewing gum while in the middle of a conversation shows a similar image.

If you don’t believe me, think of Hollywood: In the movies, it’s the prostitute stereotype that constantly moves the mouth with chewing. You never see the high society lady doing it.

So What?

Now, you know — so what? You might have the attitude that society doesn’t rule you or dictate what you can and can’t do. To some extent that could be true, although Im not sure you’d beat a child or strip naked in public. Some behaviors are so socially unacceptable that laws have been constructed to prevent them.


Gum chewing doesn’t have to be outlawed for society to pass judgment on those who do. (It’s not likely that you’ll be accused of passing second-hand gum, and thus have it outlawed from from the entire park, like they are doing with cigarette smoking.)

Why do I mention all of this?

Because this site promulgates information about receiving first-class treatment.

If you want better treatment, then behave better, and do what it takes to fit in with those who would give you red-carpet service. If you’re a gum chewer, learn the art of subtlety. Chew quietly; make it a secret.

Don’t scream and yell at your friends, family members or employees in public. Don’t talk on a cell phone in a theater or during a performance. And don’t smack, snap, and chomp your gum in more “etiquette-driven” situations.

Sometimes, if you “look” like you deserve high-class service, you’ll get high-class service. Does this make sense?